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Housing and Dining

Residence Living at CBU

For some students moving into residence will be a new and exciting experience. For others it will be a chance to return to old stomping grounds,  but for everyone,  residence should be your home away from home.

At CBU we believe living in residence is a right of passage, a way of gaining your dependence in a safe and secure atmosphere. We also believe that the experience should be as enriching and fun as possible. With friends just around every corner and over 70 on campus societies  there is no room to be bored!

We offer three different residence options so every student can make the choice that suits them best. From traditional single style dorms to apartment style set-ups for four, we have the right living situation for everyone.

Residence Descriptions

Harriss Hall

Harris Hall.Copy.01.Transco

Harriss Hall at nightHarriss Hall is the newest addition to CBU’s residence community.  Beautifully designed and well planned, it  boasts 111 single rooms, with a mix of private and shared washroom facilities, a 300 seat dining hall and central mailroom that services all on-campus students. There is also evening security on site.  Like all other CBU living accommodations, this residence is co-ed; however it is reserved for students in their second year or higher. 

The Harriss Hall dining hall is an exciting addition to residence life at CBU.  It offers a variety of seating accommodations for students, from soft seating booths to bar style tables.  There is a living room area complete with a fireplace, and shelving for books and games.  Lots of great space for conversations and relaxation time.

With more food options than ever before students will chose from an assortment of menu choices that fit every students’ needs including vegetarian options, a culinary table, pizza, soup and salad bar, dessert station, and a deli and fresh grille area.  On top of all this, students will find their kitchen away from home in My Pantry.  This area has everything one would find in their home kitchen from appliances to food in the cupboards; giving students the option to prepare their own meals.  For students who can’t find what they are looking for in My Pantry there is a Grocery List Bulletin Board for suggestions.

Keeping with CBU’s goal to be an environmentally responsible campus, Harriss Hall utilizes a number of environmentally friendly initiatives:

  • A vertical closed loop geothermal system is used to heat and cool the building - a first for the campus and the first university residence in Canada to use this technology.  Also known as an earth energy system, it includes 33 wells drilled to a depth of 400’.  It will require significantly less energy compared to typical residence heating and cooling systems.
  • In a typical commercial kitchen, 56% of the energy usage is associated with the heating of replacement air for ventilation. The  Harriss Hall kitchen uses a highly efficient ventilation system that will capture 30% less air and provide similar energy savings.
  • Insulation in the exterior walls has been increased beyond the requirements of the National Building Code.
  • Externally, the parking lot was designed using a Storm Water Capture System that allows rain water to drain naturally into the ground rather than directly into a storm drain for most rainfall events.

Student meal cards, cash, debit and credit cards are accepted at Harriss Hall.  Be sure to stop and enjoy a meal in the lovely new surroundings of the dining hall!


MacDonald Residence:

Known by students as Mac Rez this residence is traditional dorm style living. With enough rooms for 146 students to call home, this co-ed hall is the perfect transition to university living. All rooms are fully furnished and include cable and internet hook-up so you can check your Facebook (or write that term paper), and chat with your best friend from home, all while watching your favorite TV show (or studying).

Cabot Residence:


Cabot Residence is a 31 unit, 123 bedroom apartment style living space. Each apartment is designed in a quad configuration with four bedrooms and two bathrooms built around a shared living room/lounge area and kitchen.


Alumni Hall:


This residence building is the best of both worlds. With both traditional dorm style rooms and trendy apartment style living spaces it’s easy to find your fit and make 190 new friends. Featuring 35 two bedroom dorm style rooms for 70 students and 24 five bedroom apartment units for 120 people, there’s plenty of room for you. Each floor also has common area for group meetings, TV nights, or just hanging out, and a shared laundry room so you catch up with friends as you catch up on your laundry.

For a list of "What to Bring", detailed residence information and policies please see CBU's Residence Handbook

Residence Fees and Meal Plans:

For information on residence fees and meal plans please see Tuition and Fees


If you have been accepted to CBU and would like to apply for residence accommodations please fill out the application.

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