Board of Governors Members

2014 - 2015


Annette Verschuren - Chancellor

Ambrose White - Chair

Roland Thornhill - Vice Chair

Dale Keefe - Secretary
Gordon MacInnis - Treasurer

Ex Officio

David Wheeler - President

Appointed by the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education – 12

Kenneth Crawford
Nelson Edward Davis
Rany Ibrahim
Leo MacIntosh
Daphne Hutt-MacLeod
Terry Kelly
Carmilita Chechetto-Shea
Howard Windsor

Four Vacancies

Appointed by the Board of Governors – 12

Ben Cowan-Dewar
Ann Francis D'Intino
Bob Fowler
Brian LeBlanc
Keith MacDonald
Gordon MacInnis
John G. Paul
Carol Ripley

Mark Shannon

Dianne Calvert-Simms

Roland Thornhill

Ambrose White

Appointed by Faculty – 4

Judy Bailey
Clayton Locke
Scott Moir

Scott Stewart

Appointed by the Student Body of CBU – 4

Brandon Ellis - SU President

Andrew Petrie - SU Executive Vice-President

Sarah Hines - SU Vice President of Finance and Operations
Mitch Mader-Ramsey - SU Vice President of Promotions

Appointed by the ECBC/Board – 2

Carol Beaton
Steve Wadden