Life in Cape Breton

View from a lookoff in Cape Breton Highlands National Park north of the Acadian community of Cheticamp

View from a lookoff in Cape Breton Highlands National Park north of the Acadian community of Cheticamp

An island of wondrous, natural beauty, Cape Breton merges the modern with traditional in its options of entertainment and recreation. Repeatedly ranked among the top islands of the world, there is plenty to do in Cape Breton while taking well-earned rests from your studies. Fresh Atlantic Ocean air will clear your head and enhance your learning.

A blend of traditional and innovative business ventures propel Cape Breton Island forward. For decades, coal mining, steel making and fishing defined Cape Breton. That strong industrial history shaped an island of strong, hard working, close-knit multi-cultural communities. Many Cape Bretoners are of Scottish or Irish heritage, and with those industries arrived an influx of people from French, Polish, Italian, Ukrainian and Lebanese descent. Along with the early Mi’kmaq aboriginal settlers, Cape Breton’s richness in diversity is embedded in its history. The island and its people now draw upon that strength as it transitions into an economy of high tech entrepreneurs, education and artistic excellence. CBU is at the heart of this transition, as its diverse programs prepare individuals for careers across the job spectrum, including engineering, teaching, public health, folklore and tourism managment.

Cape Breton’s main employment sectors include Cape Breton University, other educational institutions, hospitals, schools, government agencies, local businesses, call centers and a thriving tourism business. Cape Breton’s unique culture is rich in its people and their abilities. International students and individuals from around the world who come to live here are very much part of the island’s success. A CBU Alumni from China now owns and operates his own Chinese restaurant in Sydney. A lifestyle exists here unlike anywhere else. Cape Breton’s relaxed, yet productive atmosphere creates a community where all are welcome and where all is possible.

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