The Elizabeth Boardmore One Act Play Festival March 16, 17, 18

Thursday, March 16, 7:00pm
The Harness
written and directed by Ron Newcombe
A single parent navigates his relationship with his young son in 1950’s rural Nova Scotia. Can he bridge the rift between them before it is too late?

The Top of the Tree
written by Lindsay Thompson
directed by Alison Crosby
A little girl meets an old man and an old woman who live down the street. As time passes, a relationship grows between them that is both more and less than family. But what happens when time and conflicting perspectives change things for the worse? In a story about love, humanity, and loss “The Top of the Tree” tackles the tough issue of facing the ones you love after growing up and growing apart.

Friday, March 17, 7:00pm
The Girl Out Back
Written and Directed  by Ken Jessome
Laughlin and Jordan: two slackers in a basement apartment somewhere in Atlantic Canada. Laughlin thinks fortune and success are just around the corner. Jordan believes they’re doomed. Mrs. Doolan, the landlady, knows tonight everything is about to change.

Paul Bishop Directs a Play
written and directed by Paul Bishop
After 15 years as an actor, writer, and director, Paul Bishop has decided to retire from theatre by staging and directing his last written stage play. The only problem is that no one has seen him in weeks and the script still doesn’t have an ending. If you see Paul Bishop, please contact either his cast or the Boardmore Playhouse.

Saturday, March 18, 2:00pm
written by Marie Louise Wilson
directed by Jule Ann Hardy
Helen and Alice are going to a matinee. At least, that was the plan but these two women are so scatterbrained they forget everything! They are lost on their journey but a disaster gives them a new perspective and turns their world upside down.

Party Time
written by Harold Pinter
directed by John Lingard
The play takes place in an unnamed English-speaking country. The time is contemporary. Gavin White, a middle-aged man who appears to be the leader of a military, anti-democratic coup, is hosting a party. The rich, well-dressed guests are either in his “party” in a political sense, or are being forced out of fear to join. There is only one voice of protest, that of a young woman whose brother is a dissident and has been captured and imprisoned by White’s supporters.

Saturday, March 18, 7:00pm
Masque of the Red Death
adapted by Walter Carey
directed by Jenn Tubrett
The Red Death is a plague that is sweeping through the land. Prince Prospero and other nobles have been taking refuge in the abbey. To lift spirits, the Prince throws an elaborate Masquerade ball. The Abbey consists of different rooms, each a different color and the last of them is the dreaded Red Room. The room contains a large clock which scares the guests whenever the hour chimes. To distract them from the clock, Prospero has his guests tell stories and lifts their spirits with a prophecy that the plague will be gone when winter comes. The party continues until midnight when a mysterious figure in red appears. This figures brings with it the red death which infects and kills all the guests and vanishes, leaving Prospero, dying and holding only it’s mask.

Saturday, March 18, following the evening’s adjudication

Public Discussions, led by Festival Adjudicator Mary Vingoe, will be held nightly,  following each evening of plays. Festival Achievement Awards and Closing Reception following the adjudication on March 18.


This annual festival is eagerly awaited by CBU students, faculty, and community members. The festival provides new and experienced writers, directors, and actors with an opportunity to showcase their talents, and gives the public a chance to see several quality productions from numerous theatrical styles. Stay tuned for a full schedule of One Act Plays.  Want to apply to the 2016/17 One-Act Festival? You can download the application form here (One Act Application 2016).

Youth Theatre Festival April 3 to 9 (full schedule TBA)

The Youth Theatre Festival is an annual event held at the CBU Boardmore Playhouse. This year, young theatre practitioners from Class Acts Drama School and other community youth drama groups take to the stage and perform in a series of scripted productions. The Festival allows our local theatre community to celebrate the vitality and dedication of our young theatre professionals.