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Congratulations on your acceptance to Cape Breton University!

Now that you’ve been accepted, you’re probably wondering what to do next.  You can read about our registration policies and procedures as detailed in the Cape Breton University Academic Calendar. But to make it easy for you, here are some frequently asked questions to help you with the process.

How can I access the CBU Academic Calendar?

  • You can access the Academic Calendar through the Current Students menu on the CBU website.

What is course counselling?

  • If you are a first year student, before you register you must receive program and course counselling from a faculty advisor.  Please visit our First Year Advising Centre for more information.

What payment is required to complete my registration?

  • To complete the registration process, appropriate financial arrangements must be made.  Canadian students and landed immigrants are required to make a minimum payment of $300.00 to finalize their registration.
  • Please refer to the online version of the Academic Calendar for details concerning payment policies. Effective September 1, 2012 CBU will be providing students with an option to pay major fees through online banking offered by most chartered financial institutions in Canada.  Coinciding with the introduction of this new payment option will be the elimination of credit cards as an accepted means of paying major fees (in general, tuition and fees related to registration, meal plan and residence fees) at CBU. There will be no other changes to accepted forms of payment.  Credit cards will still be accepted at the CBU Bookstore and as payment for application fees, program fees and transcript fees.  This change in policy now aligns CBU’s major fee payment options with most, if not all, universities in Nova Scotia,  It is hoped that this advance notice may enable students to restructure their chosen method for major fees in the coming months. 


What is the Calculus Readiness Test (CRT)?

  • All first-year students who will be registering in a calculus based MATH or PHYS course must write a Calculus Readiness test (CRT). This test will be administered at various times at the beginning of September and at the beginning of January. Your result on this test will determine the specific calculus based MATH course you must enroll in.
  • Specific dates, times and locations for the CRT will be listed on our web site at in the near future and also will be sent to you
  • All students requiring a calculus based MATH course should register in MATH1105 and also MATH1206 if six credits of calculus are required to meet your program requirements.  Please note that pending results of the CRT, your registration in MATH1105 and MATH1206 may be changed as a result of your score on the test. This registration in calculus based MATH course(s) will be adjusted automatically by the Student Service Centre as necessary based on your CRT test results.
  • Please contact Peggy Wright of the Department of Math, Physics and Geology at (phone: 902-563-1428)for further information concerning the CRT.

When do I register?

  • Fall/Winter 2015/2016 registration opens July 6, 2015 and will be continuous until the start of classes in September.   
  • Students must have been granted final acceptance to register. If you do not have final acceptance, please contact the Admissions office at 902-563-1166 or 902-563-1844 or email Grade 12 final evaluations must be submitted as soon as they are issued to the student.  Applications are considered complete once final grades have been received.  CBU does not guarantee that applications completed after August 1st will be processed for September registration.

How do I register?

  • Students can register online through Student Login and are encouraged to do so.
  • A timetable is available to help you complete your registration.  If one of your course choices is filled you will need to choose another section, if there is one, or another course.  Using the information you receive from your faculty advisor, you can select courses from the timetable and complete your registration.  Many courses are offered in more than one time slot.  Each separate offering of a specific course is called a section. In addition to choosing the courses you will take, where a course has more than one time slot, you will need to choose the section.  Be sure to register for the lab section of those courses with labs.  Lab sections must be scheduled in the same term as the course section and are listed under the same course number followed by the letter L.
  • Registration is not finalized until an invoice is generated indicating the relevant charges being applied to your student account with the courses you have selected listed on the bottom portion of the invoice. Please save or print a copy of this invoice for your records.
  • Students may also register in person during summer office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, in the Registrar's Office located in Marvin Harvey Building (formerly known as B-Wing).

How can I confirm that I have registered successfully?

  • It is important to take the time to ensure your registration is both complete and accurate by reviewing the courses and sections in which you have registered.  This can also be done by choosing the Unofficial Transcript by year option which is located on the drop down menu of the Academic tab under your Student login .  Please take note that each of the courses you have selected, particularly those with multiple sections, start in September or January as per your course planning.

If I have any other questions or concerns regarding my registration who can I call?

  • Should you have any questions or concerns or require further information, please contact the Registrar's Office at 902-563-1330.

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