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Department Research

Matthias Bierenstiel – CFI, NSRIT, NSERC Discovery, NSERC RTI

Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel is an inorganic chemist whose organometallic research has received outstanding internal and external support. His independent organometallic research focused on synergistic metal-metal interactions for the development of new catalysts and new materials with interesting electronic and/or magnetic properties.

Dr. Bierenstiel’s exciting work compelled the university to acquire its first high-field NMR spectrometer in 2006. Matthias supervises an enthusiastic and dedicated team of undergraduate student researchers who seek to generate new transition metal complexes that are used in the diverse applications of catalysis, new electronically interesting materials and biomimetic enzymatic model systems.

Dale Keefe – CRC, CFI, NSRIT, American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, NSERC, ECBC and ACOA

Dr. Dale Keefe’s expertise lies in Physical Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy.

The focus of Dr. Keefe’s molecular spectroscopy research group is the study of how intermolecular and intramolecular forces affect physical and molecular properties using vibrational spectroscopy (Infrared and Raman) and ab initio quantum mechanical calculations.

The first main area of study for this team is how the vibrational intensities in liquids are affected by intermolecular interactions. This research has lead to a better understanding of the intermolecular interactions in benzene and has lead to the discovery of what has been called the pseudo-hydrogen bond.

A second area of study is how the solvent interactions affect the structure and function of enzymes. In particular, the structures and functions of enzymes in nonaqueous media are being studied. And the third area of study is how the intramolecular interactions affect the structure of polypeptides and eventually proteins.

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