Bachelor of Technology Nautical Science

CBU and the Canadian Coast Guard College (CCGC) offer students the opportunity to pursue a career unlike any other. If adventure is something you crave, setting sail for a career in marine safety and environmental protection as an Officer Cadet  with the Canadian Coast Guard is the ideal choice for you.  This exiting program provides training in either Marine Engineering or Marine Navigation.

Get Hands-On Learning Experience

The CCGC trains Officer Cadets to help protect Canada’s 243,000 km coastline, its vast ocean resources and the individuals who go to sea. This is the kind of opportunity that requires more than just time spent in a classroom! As a student at the CCGC, you’ll work hands on, as well as receive practical training using complex simulators. And when you’re ready, you’ll perfect what you’ve learned while at sea.

Preparing You For An Amazing Journey

The Canadian Coast Guard College offers a state of the art training facility, committed and professional staff, and a gorgeous location on the shores of the Atlantic—the ideal marine training environment. So what are you waiting for? Set your course toward making it HAPPEN today!

For more information, contact us or visit the Canadian Coast Guard College today.

David McCorquodale
Professor of Biology and Dean of Science & Technology

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1262

Richard Pierrynowski
Instructor, Engineering and Assistant Dean of Science & Technology

Office: A116G

Phone: 902.563.1183

Joanne Hughes
Assistant to the Dean

Office: B214

Phone: 902.563.1341

Kim Martin
School Secretary

Office: A129

Phone: 902.563.1149

Tim Rawlings
Associate Professor, Biology / Dept. Chair

Office: TC117

Phone: 902.563.1138

Matthias Bierenstiel
Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry / Dept. Chair

Office: TC119 (office) A-209 (lab)

Phone: 902.563.1391 (office) ext 1979 (lab)

Paul Standing
Instructor of Engineering / Dept. Chair

Office: A222I

Phone: 902.563.1202

James Preen
Associate Professor, Mathematics / Dept. Chair

Office: A129A

Phone: 902.563.1181

Geoffrey Carre
Assistant Professor, Psychology / Dept. Chair

Office: B-221-H