Partial Differential Equations: Regularity, Numerics, and Applications

Research in partial differential equations is, in its nature, mathematically diverse.  From harmonic and numerical analysis to algebra and probability, the subject area is broad with far reaching applications both in mathematics and the physical sciences.  The purpose of this session is to foster Maritime research in partial differential equations and their applications by bringing both researchers and graduate students together to discuss current results and trends.

Following the conference, this session will take place on Sunday October 16th.

Edmund Rudiuk
Associate Professor, Mathematics

Office: A126-B

Phone: 563-1289

James Preen
Associate Professor, Mathematics / Dept. Chair

Office: A129A

Phone: 902.563.1181

Scott Rodney
Associate Professor, Mathematics

Office: A129B

Phone: 902.563.1358

George Chen
Professor of Mathematics

Office: A129G

Phone: 902.563.1825