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Pre-conference Field Trip: Cabot Trail, August 24-25

**Departs at 8:30 am in front of the Cambridge Suites, 380 Esplanade, Sydney.**

Friday, August 26
17:00 Registration opens, CBU, Great Hall
17:45 University tour (optional) (Leaves from Great Hall)
18:30 –20:30 Welcome and Introduction & Technical session 1, CBU, Royal Bank Lecture Theatre (CE258)
20:30 – 22:00 Icebreaker and poster session, The Pit (student lounge)
Saturday, August 27
9:00 Technical session 2-3, CBU, Royal Bank Lecture Theatre (CE258)
11:45 Field trip to Miner’s Museum (included in registration)
17:30 Rum tasting, tour, banquet, and dance, Louisburg (included in registration)
Sunday, August 28
9:30 – 12:30 The art and science of Jurassic Park (talk and screening of Jurassic Park 3D—included in registration), Cineplex Cinemas
14:00 – 16:00 Special Session: Geoheritage/Geotourism/Museums, Doktor Luke’s (see map)
19:30 – late Kitchen Party! (must pre-register)

Technical Sessions:August 26-28

Friday, August 26 TECHNICAL SESSION 1 – Chair: Jason Loxton
18:30 Welcome and Introduction
18:45 The road to and from extinction. Billings Award Winner 2015, Paul L. Smith
19:10 More than trilobites—the extraordinary geology of the Mount Stephen Trilobite Beds, Burgess Shale Formation, Yoho National Park, SE British Columbia. Paul A. Johnston and Kimberley J. Johnston
19:25 Late Ordovician chelicerate diversity—new insights from Manitoba Konservat-Lagerstätten. Michael B. Cuggy, David M. Rudkin, and Graham A. Young
19:40 Anagenesis and cladogenesis in some early Aeronian (early Silurian) species of Demirastrites (Monograptidea, Graptoloidea): evidence from the Prague Basin. Michael J. Melchin and Petr Štorch
19:55 Seeing the trees in an invisible forest: the life and times of noncalcified macroalgae from the Silurian Eramosa Lagerstätte of Ontario, Canada. Denis K. Tetreault and Steven T. LoDuca
20:10 The Devonian placoderm Titanichthys: the first massive vertebrate pelagic planktivore?. Michael J. Ryan and James Boyle
20:30 Icebreaker/posters, The Pit (student lounge)
Saturday, August 27 TECHNICAL SESSION 2 – Chair: Paul Smith
08:30 Doors open. Digital presentations for the oral sessions must be loaded prior to 09:00 [Coffee and light snacks in A108 until 9 am]
09:00 An exquisitely preserved, new eucacopine dissorophid (Temnospondyli) from the Carboniferous of Nova Scotia, Canada.Hillary Maddin, Diane Scott, Deborah Skilliter, Melissa Grey, Ken Adams, and Robert Reisz
09:15 New amniote material from the Garnett Quarry, Upper Carboniferous of Kansas. Patrick Cufino*, Marissa Bryden, Sean Modesto, and Robert Reisz
09:30 A large amniote tooth plate from the Lower Permian Clear Fork Formation of Texas. Sean Modesto, Vonica Flear, Melissa Dilney, and Robert Reisz
09:45 Early Permian amphibamid Pasawioops (Amphibamidae, Dissorophoidea): an ontogenetic series. Jade B. Atkins*, Robert R. Reisz, Nadia B. Fröbisch, and Hillary C. Maddin
10:00 The unique preservational environment associated with the cave system found at the Early Permian (289 ma) Richards Spur locality, Oklahoma, USA. Mark MacDougall*, Neil Tabor, and Robert Reisz.
10:15 Holotype of the Late Cretaceous dinosaur Dromiceiomimus brevetertius, with implications for the utility of distal caudal vertebrae in ornithomimid classification.Bradley McFeeters* and Thomas Cullen
10:30 BREAK
TECHNICAL SESSION 3 Chair: Michael Cuggy
10:50 Trends, tropes and speculation in paleoart. Greer Stothers*
11:05 JMorph: a digital tool for measuring fossils. Peter G. Lelièvre and Melissa Grey
11:20  What fossil foraminifera and detrital zircons can teach each other about sampling bias and replication in geochronological studies. Deanne van Rooyen
11:45 Bus departs to Miner’s Museum
12:05 Lunch (included in registration fee)
12:30 Miners’ Museum underground tour and Nova Scotia’s Coal Age Foundation (John Calder, NS DNR)
2:30 Bus departs for Marconi Trail
17:30-late! Rum tasting, tour, banquet, and dance (Fortress of Louisburg)
14:00 The future of public outreach: virtual reality apps, drones, and 3D printing. Protecting sensitive field sites and making field trips accessible to everyone. Jennifer Ward*
14:15 Tracing the history of the Parrsboro Rock and Mineral Shop and Museum: citizen science and tourism on the Bay of Fundy.Tim J. Fedak
14:30 The benefits of public research sites, an example from Wasson Bluff . Regan Maloney and Tim Fedak
14:45 Virtual collections and virtual access to collections: low cost solutions to imaging and sharing types. Jason Loxton
15:00 BREAK
15:15 The changing face of palaeontology at the Royal Ontario Museum. Janet Waddington
15:30 Recognition of geoheritage in Nova Scotia with special reference to paleontology.John Calder
15:45 From the field to your smartphone: communicating paleo in 2016. Brian Switek
16:00 Closing remarks
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