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The Biology Society brings together biology students of all academic years to enrich their biology education by organizing informational and social events. They also serve as a peer to peer resource to provide information to new students regarding biology courses, the degree and careers. Each year, the Biology Society raises funds to travel to the Science Atlantic conference which showcases undergraduate student research.


The Pre Med Society encourages interest in the medical profession through academic and social programming as well as by providing community and medically-related volunteer opportunities. The Pre Med Society provides students with an opportunity to interact with other students in their classes and field of interest. The society also helps prepare students for the admissions process for medical school by encouraging and organizing student study groups to prepare for the MCAT.

Global Brigades

Global Brigades is an international non-profit organization that empowers communities to meet their health and economic goals through university volunteers and local teams. Their mission is to empower volunteers and under-resourced communities to resolve global health and economic disparities and inspire all involved to collaboratively work towards an equal world. By doing this, they hope to achieve their vision of improving equality of life by igniting the largest student-led social responsibility movement on the planet. Every year the CBU chapter of Global Brigades recruits students and medical professionals, raises funds, gathers medicine, and travels overseas to perform medical brigades to help a community in need.

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The Pre-Vet Society is a student organization designed for anyone seeking a career in veterinary medicine. The Pre-Vet Society provides students with an opportunity to interact with other students in their classes and field of interest. Professionals in the field of veterinary medicine are invited to speak about their various careers and offer advice at meetings held throughout the year. This added insight has proven very beneficial to students. The Society’s main goal is to expose students to a variety of opportunities in the field of veterinary medicine, and to help those students reach their goal of admission into veterinary school.

Tim Rawlings
Associate Professor, Biology / Dept. Chair

Office: TC117

Phone: 902.563.1138

Michael Tanchak
Professor, Biology & Dept. Vice-Chair

Office: TC124

Phone: 902.563.1104

Rod Beresford
Assistant Professor, Integrative Science

Office: A116A

Phone: 902.563.1609

Thomas Bouman
Associate Professor, Biology

Office: A115A

Phone: 902.563.1294

Chantelle Cormier
Senior Laboratory Instructor

Office: A-116-A

Phone: 902.563.1814

Denise Forgeron
Senior Laboratory Instructor

Office: A115E

Phone: 902.563.1108

Barb Glassey
Associate Professor, Biology

Office: TC-108

Phone: 902.563.1971

Cyndie Glogowski
Senior Laboratory Instructor, Biology Department

Office: A-115-B

Phone: 902.563.1362

Bruce Hatcher
University Chair in Marine Ecosystem Research, Director of the Bras d'Or Institute, Associate Professor of Biology

Office: A138-B

Phone: 902.563.1988

Katherine Jones
Associate Professor, Biology

Office: TC113

Phone: 902.563.1973

Kathy MacIntosh
Senior Laboratory Instructor, Biology

Office: A132C

Phone: 902.563.1969

David McCorquodale
Professor of Biology and Dean of Science & Technology

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1262

Sean Modesto
Associate Professor, Biology

Office: TC111

Phone: 902.563.1972

Ken Oakes
Associate Professor, Biology

Office: CS207

Phone: 902.563.1667

Vielka Salazar
Associate Professor, Biology

Office: A115D

Phone: 902.563.1288

Kellie White
Senior Laboratory Instructor, Biology

Office: A218A

Phone: 902.563.1816

Cheryl Bartlett
Professor Emeritus

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