4-year Honours in Biology Degree

A 4-year Honours in Biology Degree requires:

 1.  Core Courses – 18 credits

2.  Biology Major – 54 credits

3.  Area of Minor – 12 credits

  • From a second discipline of science:  CHEM, GEOL, MATH, MSIT, NUTR, PHYS, or PSYC.

4.  Science Electives – 12 credits

  • Generally courses from BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, MATH, MSIT, NUTR, PHYS, and PSYC are acceptable – some exceptions exist.

5.  Free Electives – 24 credits

6.  An average of 75% in courses in Biology major in last three years of program.

7.  An average of 70% over the entire 120-credit program.

8.  3 credits of Organic Chemistry must be included in one of the following categories:  area of minor, science electives, or free electives.

9.  3 credits of Statistics (one of MATH1109MATH2106, or PSYC2101) are required. 

Degree Worksheet