BET, Class of 2008
Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Environmental Studies)
School of Science and Technology
Hometown: Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Employer: Dillon Consulting Ltd., Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Mary earned a diploma in environmental technology from Cape Breton University in 1994. The program included three co-operative work terms, two of which she did with Dillon Consulting in Halifax, N.S. When she graduated she was hired in their Sydney office.

“With the co-op work terms, you show them what you can do, you work hard, and the sky’s the limit,” Mary says.

Twenty years later, she is a senior project manager with the engineering firm and along the way earned a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in environmental studies from CBU, thanks to the support of her employer.

Even in the engineering technology degree program, Mary found the hands-on application of classroom work made a big difference in how much she was able to learn.

“One of the great things was getting together in groups to solve problems, because that’s what you do in the real world,” she says. “You use teamwork to get the job done.”

CBU has knowledgeable faculty and state-of-the-art equipment, says Mary, and while the program is a lot of work, the classes are enjoyable.

“The professors and the facilities are great,” she says.

“The instructors take the time and really show that they care about you and want you to succeed.”

Mary says engineering technology is enjoyable work simply because of the variety. Engineering technologists are often out in the field, but they also have to work in modern offices. Mary might be out checking on a domestic oil spill, dealing with clients and taking care of emergencies one day, and back in the office making up budgets and writing reports the next.

“The engineering technology program at CBU is very diverse,” she says. “I think it makes you a well-rounded person.”