BET, Class of 2009
Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Electronics and Controls Major
School of Science and Technology
Hometown: Huntington (Mira), Nova Scotia
Employer: Eastlink


Chad Huntington has always had an interest in electronics and engineering. Even as a child, he would be asked by family members to figure out “how to get the VCR to work”, and sure enough, he could always make it work. CBU’s Engineering Technology program was almost tailor made for people like him.

When looking at university options, Chad decided to stay local. “I was a little intimidated by the ‘you’re just a number’ situation that I was hearing about some universities,” says Chad. “A lot of people told me that if you go to CBU, you’re not just a number; your opinion matters to your professors.”

Chad listened to that advice and chose to pursue the Bachelor of Engineering Technology program at CBU, with a major in Electronic and Controls.

“I loved the Engineering Technology program because it was very hands-on and we knew we were learning something that was directly preparing us for what we would do in the workforce.”

“There was a great atmosphere,” says Chad. “I felt like I was a part of something and really learning.”

Chad was initially more interested in the general field of electronics, but he took a couple of courses at CBU where wireless communications was explored and got very interested in that area.

“The courses gave me the foundation and the confidence to apply to the job I have now,” he says, “I’m a wireless operations technician for Eastlink and the training in electronics and programming I received at CBU is applied in my job everyday.