Emily MacDonald, B.Sc. (Nutrition), P.Dt., completed CBU transfer option requirements in August 2013; graduated nutrition at  St FX. in 2015, became a P.Dt. in 2016, now working in Cape Breton.


I decided to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics in late 2013. Looking for guidance on how to enroll in the nutrition transfer option, I reached out to Dr. Barre, Professor of Human Nutrition at Cape Breton University (CBU). Dr. Barre was very helpful in explaining the nutrition program and identifying pre-requisites needed for transferring. The timing was fortuitous as Dr. Barre had availability in the Type 2 Diabetes laboratory for a research student. Starting my human nutrition degree at CBU was a smart decision, I was able to save money by living at home with my family while learning about the nutrition-related issues affecting my local community. In addition to gaining foundational knowledge in nutrition and dietetics, I developed clinical research and writing skills. Complementing my studies with hands on research experience gave me a competitive edge when I applied for the Integrated Dietetic Internship Program. Since completing my internship in 2016 I have been working at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital as a clinical dietitian. Most recently I was offered a position with Sobeys Pharmacy and will be facilitating nutrition programs and classes in Glace Bay, NS. For anyone considering enrolling in post-secondary education I would encourage them to research their field of interest to assess employment opportunities and to talk to people who are currently working in areas that you may like to focus on in your career. When I was a student at Cape Breton University I connected to a network of human nutrition graduates working across Canada and was able to draw insights and inspiration from them. Nutrition and dietetics is a wonderful field of study and is constantly evolving. The human nutrition transfer program is an asset for Cape Breton University and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to build my education and career in Cape Breton.


Shannan Grant, MSc, PhD, RD
Sydney, Nova Scotia
BSc (Biology), Graduated 2002

“During my time in the Biology Program at CBU (formerly UCCB), I experienced personal and professional growth that I feel rooted my present passion for Nutritional Science. CBU provided a comfortable and supportive environment in which I discovered my deep interest in human health and its relation to the earth. The professors and laboratory assistants provided around-the-clock support and opportunity to learn and attain experience, while challenging me intellectually along the way.

“The nutrition courses I took at CBU provided an excellent overview of clinical and natural nutritional science. I found the term papers, references suggested and class discussion particularly helpful. They provided me with the opportunity to be exposed to the wealth of literature that exists in the discipline; marrying my understanding of basic science with clinical application.”

After CBU, Shannan completed her Honours BSc in human nutrition and thereafter went on to Toronto to become a registered dietitian and complete her MSc in human nutrition at the University of Toronto. Dr. Grant  completed her Ph.D. in human nutrition at the University of Toronto and is currently an assistant professor (tenure-track) in Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University.  Shannan’s professional interests lie in how dietary intervention(s) and/or lifestyle modification affect risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus, nutrition education/counselling techniques and how human eating patterns affect global agricultural sustainability and biodiversity.

Shannan was also featured in The Cape Breton Post’s CBU alumni column, Whatever Happened to….. read more about her CBU experience.


  • Clinical dietetics
  • Food service administration
  • Community nutrition
  • Food product development
  • Media and public relations
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Research
  • Magazine contributor

Parent Education

  • Family Resource Centres


  • Federal
    • Health Canada
    • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Provincial
    • Health and Social Services
    • Housing
  • Health Regions
    • Child and Family Services
  • Municipal Organizations

Recreation programs and Summer programs

Specific Populations

  • Children, Youth

4-H, Teen Drop-in Centres, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, After School Programs

  • Seniors

Seniors Active Living Centre, Activities Coordinator

  • Women

Family violence, Status of Women Programs

Health and Social Service Organizations

  • Health promotion
  • Prevention
  • Advocacy
  • Public relations
  • Grant writing, fundraising


  • Business employees programs
  • Human resources
  • Long-term care for seniors
  • Child care administration
  • Home care services


  • Program evaluation
  • Educational program development
  • Child safety
  • Family financial planner
  • Research

Employment opportunities following further training / education

  • Early childhood education
  • Elementary, intermediate, or senior high school teacher
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Adult education

Other Options for further study

  • Family Studies
  • Child development, youth studies, adult development and aging
  • Women’s Studies
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Health Professions
  • Family Law
  • Family Medicine
  • PhD