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Within the profession of nursing there are a variety of specializations and options available. Though some require further training to achieve, they are all necessary and equally important in the health are field.

Career options include:

  • General Nursing
    This type of nursing involves caring for routine hospital patients either post operatively or with medical conditions requiring hospitalization.
  • Geriatric Nurses Nursing related to caring for the elderly. Geriatric nurses can work in a variety of settings such as the hospital, nursing homes and home health.
  • Pediatric Nurses
    Nursing that involves caring for infants and children. There are many nursing specialties related to pediatrics. These options include nursing care of newborns, neonatal intensive care, pediatric oncology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric cardiac intensive care, pediatric intensive care, pediatric intermediate care, pulmonary care, as well as routine medical and surgical pediatric nursing.

Other nursing specialty areas include:

  • Cardiac Nurses – Care of individuals with heart conditions and/or cardiac disease
  • Dialysis Nurses – Care of individuals requiring dialysis
  • Oncology Nurses – Caring for individuals diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer
  • Operating Room Nurses – Assist and care for patients undergoing surgery while in the operating room
  • Recovery Room Nurses – Caring for patients in the immediate post operative period
  • Emergency Room Nurses – Caring for individuals presenting to the emergency room with trauma or illness

Some community based specialty areas include:

  • School Nurses – Care for children with illness or injury during the school day
  • Community Health Nurses – Nurses who work out in the community as home health nurses or providing community education
  • Clinic Nurses – Nurses working in clinics or doctors offices, also can be specialized such as pediatric clinics, or any other medical specialty


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