“What I liked most about the CBU education program was that I could specialize in technology and complete the program in a short time span. Many other Education programs do not offer technology as a teachable or in a fast track setting. I was able to find a position quickly in exactly what I wanted to teach. I feel if I went to any other program I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Margaret-Ruth Jones, BEd’12
CTS/Technology Teacher
Forest Lawn High School, Calgary, Alberta

Bed-testimonial-luciann“Cape Breton University’s education program was the perfect choice for me for a number of reasons. First of all, I was given the opportunity to study close to home while continuing to play basketball for the CBU Capers. I was also able to gain a number of new friendships through the education program. The small class sizes allowed me to get to know the other BEd students better, which led me to become very close with my classmates. Furthermore, I was able to do my practice teaching at both my former junior high and high school (Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High and Riverview Rural High School), which was very special for me as it brought back many great memories. During my practice teaching, I too, had the pleasure of teaching among three of my former teachers; this was a wonderful and irreplaceable experience, one that I would not have gained had I studied elsewhere.”

Luciann Lahey, BEd’11

Math & Science Teacher
Centre Scolaire Étoile de l’Acadie, Sydney, Nova Scotia“I never expected that my professional path would lead me to one of the top real estate offices in Cape Breton, but I’m sure glad it did.  The knowledge base I gained and skill set I acquired while studying in the Bachelor of Education program have helped propel my career in so many ways. Organizational and time management skills along with being an effective communicator

and educator are only a few of the areas that I developed while in the program and ones that I can say I use every day as a Licensed Real Estate Assistant. Practicum experience helped me create my own teaching style and strengthened my confidence as a professional. These are all skills that I see as being beneficial to all kinds of career choices.  Although I am not using my BEd degree in a classroom, I know that it was this degree that helped me become a successful real estate professional.”

Jesslyn Chisholm, BEd ’09, MUN/CBU Cohort
Licensed Real Estate Assistant, RE/MAX Park Place

Bed-testimonial-amelia“Studying at CBU was a fantastic experience for me. I really got to know my professors during the years that I was there and was able to work for them while I was studying, both with Biology and with French. The Education program was an excellent introduction to teaching and allowed me to work independently and with others both in preparing and presenting curriculum materials and in identifying and articulating my own educational philosophy and practices.”

Amelia Barnes, BEd’12
High School Physics & Drama Teacher
Nanchang No. 2 High School, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China
Sino-Canadian Program

bed-testimonial-mike“During my five years at Cape Breton University, opportunities were always readily available for me to get involved in various campus organizations. I was welcomed into situations where I could collaborate with other students and faculty, take on leadership roles, and have a lot of fun!

In particular, the Bachelor of Education was a positive and rewarding learning experience. The professors were all very approachable and willing to share their personal experiences. The training I received gave me the confidence and skills needed to be an effective classroom teacher.

After I left CBU, the BEd alumni group continued to keep me informed about upcoming job opportunities across Canada and internationally. It was their contacts that led to me obtaining my current teaching position in China.

I am very thankful for all that CBU has done for me throughout my university career and continued support.”

Mike MacKenize, BEd’11
High School Math Teacher
Tangshan #1 High School, Tangshan, China
Nova Scotia Department of Education International Program

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