Diploma in Education (Curriculum)

This graduate level program is intended for learners who wish to pursue a deeper understanding of curriculum development. It has been available from CBU since 1983 and has been delivered both on campus and by distance. Beginning with the meaning and purpose of curriculum, the learner completes the program by developing a model curriculum that may be used in his or her class. Formal admission to the program is required. Courses are offered on a part-time basis and completion of the diploma takes approximately two years. Individual courses may be taken with the permission of the Dean.

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EDUC5102 The Meaning and Purpose of Curriculum (6 credits)
Attempts to answer the question: What should schools teach? Drawing on curriculum theory, education history and current reports on education, students will articulate a comprehensive answer to the question. Curriculum planning and development skills will also be encouraged through group work and individual resourcefulness.

EDUC5110 Teaching Canadian Culture (6 credits)
Explores two aspects of culture and curriculum: a) art, music, drama and literature in a Canadian and regional context; and b) multi-cultural, ethnic and race issues in Canada.

EDUC5112 Learning Resources (6 credits)
Focuses on the human and material resources used in teaching and the relationship between those resources and the classroom experience of the child. In addition to identifying and evaluating curriculum materials, the course looks at adapting the learning situation to the needs of the child. Special emphasis is put on developing an effective classroom, especially for at risk students.

EDUC5120 Issues in Planning, Designing and Developing Curriculum (6 credits)
An advanced-level seminar course that is intended to develop educational leaders with a strong curriculum background. This seminar explores a number of influences academic, political and popular on curriculum and encourages self-reliant leadership in dealing with those influences.

EDUC5122 Research/Curriculum Development (6 credits)
Introduces the students to the major issues and methods in curriculum design and development. Special attention is given to the use of technology in curriculum research. Students are expected to plan, design and develop a real or proto-type curriculum for a classroom, school system or province.
Corerequisite: EDUC5120.

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