Certificate in Educational Studies (Arts Education)

The Certificate in Educational Studies (Arts Education) addresses the needs of general classroom teachers who are committed to teaching and learning through the arts.
Students have the opportunity to pursue a specific arts discipline through concentrated study and practical application. The certificate consists of 24 graduate-level credits and the teacher’s choice of six credits from Fine Arts courses listed in this calendar.

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EDUC5130 Phenomenology of Childhood (6 credits)

In order to explore and utilize the potential of the arts in education, it is appropriate to examine the central role of aesthetic learning in a child’s development. This course will provide an opportunity to examine the key stages in psychological development, connecting them with the arts and focusing on a thematic analysis of the child’s experiential world. Through this analysis, the students will develop an understanding of the following processes:
• Theory of multiple intelligences
• Theories of creativity
• Brain-based learning
• Constructivist approaches to creative development

EDUC5100 Developmental Drama (6 credits)

Involves a study of the theory of creative dramatics as seen by its best-known practitioners (Peter Slade, Brian Way, Nelli McCaslin, Winnifred Ward and Dorothy Heathcote) and the application of that theory in ways adaptable to the classroom situation. The course will also encompass the various aspects of play production. Participants will explore methods and materials for conducting improvised dramatic activity in grades P-12.

EDUC5810 Advanced Graduate Seminar (6 credits)

Designed specifically for those students enroled in the Certificate in Educational Studies. Under the supervision of a professor appointed by CBU, students will participate in a graduate-level seminar related to the educational priorities of their respective school boards. Required readings will be assigned in accordance with students’ specific interests.
Prerequisites: EDUC5100 and EDUC5130.

EDUC5802 Applied Research Project (6 credits)

Designed specifically for those students enroled in the Certificate in Educational Studies. Students will work with a project advisor appointed by CBU and in conjunction with a mentor from their respective school boards. Over a seven-month period, students will carry out and report on a research project consistent with a stated school board priority.
Corerequisite: EDUC5810.

Six credits of elective Fine Arts courses

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