Find out about our programs and what you can do with a Political Science Degree

Like any professional subject that studies people, political science is a truly fascinating and informative discipline. So much of the world around us involves politics and government.

Where you work, where you study, and where you live are all affected by politics. Current political issues need your attention!


Three year  General Program
The Four Year Major Program
BA Honours Program

By taking Political Science courses here at CBU you will:

  • better understand how your federal and provincial governments work
  • learn about the problems your municipal government faces and how they involve you
  • understand how people think about politics, what values are important to them and how they come to believe what, in their mind, is the right thing to do
  • observe political parties, pressure groups, and terrorist organizations
  • analyze elections and calculate their results
  • discover what democracy means and how dictatorships operate
  • study war and the political dimensions to violence
  • learn about peace and international security
  • observe how laws are made and changed
  • compare how states are governed in all areas of the world: North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Introduce yourself to career opportunities in Political Science:

  • prepare yourself for teaching in High School or as a University Professor
  • think about a public service career in Federal or Provincial government or in a municipality
  • consider becoming a Canadian diplomat, working at the United Nations, or any one of the hundreds of international organizations around the world
  • become a politician and work for your constituents
  • train as a lawyer
  • work for a political party or a special interest group
  • many journalists began their careers as Political Science graduates; there may be a place for you in television, radio, or print media
  • there are many opportunities working in business-government relations

Introduce yourself to our degree programs, certificates, and diplomas:

  • Political Science in a three-year arts degree
  • Political Science in a four-year arts degree
  • Political Science in a four-year honours degree
  • Diploma in Public Administration and Management
  • Certificate in Public Administration

Certificate in Public Administration

Another option is to arrange your political science courses so that you acquire the Certificate in Public Administration with a particular concentration. The specializations are as follows:

  • Law and Policy Studies
  • International Studies
  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Municipal Government

Visit the Academic Calendar for details.