Philosophy & Religious Studies

philosophy-religious-studies-faculty-groupCape Breton University’s Philosophy & Religious Studies Department has six full-time members, and offers a range of courses comparable in scope and depth to any small or medium-sized university in Canada. Its members publish books and articles, participate in national and international conferences, and mentor students heading for graduate school or into the professions. All faculty members are active in delivering core courses in the B.A., B.Sc., and B.Nurs. degrees. CBU’s library maintains an up-to-date collection of books, journals, and internet research resources relevant to the disciplines of Philosophy & Religious Studies

What is philosophy and religious studies about?

Philosophy & Religious Studies concern the investigation of fundamental questions and concepts taken for granted by other disciplines and society at large. Everyone desires a happy and productive life, satisfying work or career, meaningful relationships with other humans, and to live in a society that is just, well governed, and with rich cultural achievements. But this raises deep questions about what we mean by happiness, love, family, work, justice, truth, beauty, progress.

Students of philosophy and religious studies can choose from a series of courses designed to develop the skills needed to negotiate complex, value-laden situations in the fields of law, healthcare, business, science, education, etc. It is no wonder that some of Canada’s top journalists, lawyers, writers, politicians and business people have a background in philosophy.