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 The Department of Languages and Letters

The Department of Languages and Letters

Welcome to the Department of Languages and Letters, where we teach courses in English, French, Drama and Spanish. All of these disciplines focus on the development of critical, creative and communicative skills that will enable students better to understand and interact with the world around them. Now more than ever, the most important skill for any educated person is advanced literacy: not just the ability to read, but to read critically, to analyze, to question. Studies of languages and literatures give you the thinking skills that help you understand the manifold texts you encounter every day. Our faculty are dedicated instructors who also maintain active research programs, all of which keeps courses in English, French and Drama vital and up-to-date.

Sheila Christie
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-224

Phone: 563-1156

Jan Curtis
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-225

Phone: 902-563-1417

William Davey
Senior Scholar

Office: CC267

Phone: 563-1319

Bernard Mulo Farenkia
Professor of French and Linguistics

Office: CC236

Phone: 902.563.1870

Jane Farnsworth
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC232

Phone: 902.563.1250

Boardmore Playhouse Director

Office: L193

Phone: 902.563.1351

Afra Kavanagh
Senior Scholar

Mary Keating
Associate Dean, School of Arts & Social Sciences / Assistant Professor, English

Office: CC-222

Phone: 902.563.1623

Ronald Labelle
Associate Professor, French

Office: CC-235

Phone: 563-1372

Nathaniel Leach
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-226

Phone: 902.563.1127

Dana Mount
Assistant Professor, English and Assistant Dean of Research, Teaching & Graduate Studies

Office: CC-228

Phone: 563.1162

Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-233

Phone: 563.1616

Mark Silverberg
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-234

Phone: 902.563.1150

Julie Sutherland
Adjunct Professor

Office: CC-231

Phone: 902.563.1946

Denise Toney
Part-time Instructor

Arlette Sinquin
Part-time Instructor

Scott Sharplin
Lecturer, Drama

Office: L166

Phone: 902.563.1634