The Department of History and Culture offers a wide range of courses and learning experiences in History at all levels of study — from broad introductory surveys to student internships to intensive upper-level seminars.

Students can incorporate the study of History into their undergraduate degree in several ways – as a major, minor, or concentration, or as electives.  An intensive Honours Program in History is also offered.

However you decide to include History in your undergraduate degree, it is important to familiarize yourself with two sets of guidelines. They spell out which courses you must take, and in what order, to satisfy your degree requirements. 

The first set of guidelines provide the overall framework for BA and BACS degrees. It is available in the CBU Academic Calendar.

The second set of requirements is related directly to the History program itself; please contact the department for a more specific set of guidelines.

If you have any questions about any of this material, contact a member of the Department of History and Culture for advice.

Scott Moir
Associate Professor, History

Office: CC217

Phone: 902.563.1673

Andrew Parnaby
Associate Professor, History / Dept. Chair, Cultural & Creative Studies (Faculty Affairs)

Office: CE256

Phone: 902.563.1286

Don Nerbas
Assistant Professor, History

Office: CE247

Phone: 563-1894

Brian Tennyson
Professor Emeritus

Phone: 902-543-7909

Graham Reynolds
Professor Emeritus

Office: CE-250

Phone: 902.563.1145