Celtic Culture and Gaelic

Discover the language, traditions and rich history of the Celts. Study Celtic Culture at Cape Breton University.

Celtic Culture Concentration

Celtic Culture at CBU is an interdisciplinary study of the peoples and cultures commonly known as Celtic. Through music, history, language and literature, students will explore connections between the various aspects of Celtic Culture. Students will have an opportunity to analyze the contribution that the Celtic people made to the development of Western civilization and the cultural heritage of Cape Breton Island.

Cape Breton University is in a location that offers the perfect backdrop for students who are looking to fulfill their Celtic interests or for those who want to embark on a new cultural journey. The university is located in the heart of Cape Breton Island, home to the only Gaelic community outside of Europe and the last of the numerous Gaidhealtachds (Gaelic-speaking areas) that once existed throughout North America.

Gaelic Minor

There is an exciting Gaelic revival occurring that is bringing to life the native language of Scotland and Ireland. Cape Breton University is pleased to be a part of this by offering a minor in Gaelic.

Students pursuing a minor in Gaelic will be encouraged to spend a year on exchange at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, the Gaelic College on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Courses offered at this college are delivered entirely through the medium of Gaelic, giving students the opportunity to fully experience Celtic culture. Students who complete the exchange will return with strong oral and written Gaelic skills.

In Nova Scotia, Gaelic is a recognized teachable providing students with a unique opportunity to work in the education sector. Students will also be qualified to teach non-credit and community Gaelic language classes or work in the provincial government. Artistically inclined speakers may apply their linguistic skills to song-writing, fiction or non-fiction literature, poetry, theatre, or even art and dance.

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