Anthropology and Sociology Course Syllabi 2016-2017

ANS2200-Humankind: Nature and Development -Joseph Parish

ANS2204 Consumption and Consumerism -Janice Drodge

ANS2205-Food for Thought: Critical Perspective-Janice Drodge

ANS2212-Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics in Social Science – Term 1 – Margaret Dechman

ANS3204 – Culture, Technology and Environment – Tracey Harris

ANS2212 – Quanitative Research Methods and Statistics in Social Science – Term 2 – Margaret Dechman

ANS3211 Societies & Cultures of Latin America – Avis Mysyk

ANS4900-4811-4813 Senior Thesis and Independent Directed Study -Joseph Parish

ANTH1104 Intro to Socio-Cultural Anthropology – Avis Mysyk

ANTH2108 Introduction to Archaeology -Joseph Parish

ANTH2109 Culture, Distress & Psychiatric Abnormality Avis Mysyk

SOCO1301 Introduction to Sociology – Janice Drodge

SOCO1301 – (Eskasoni) Introduction to Sociology Lloyd White

SOCO3300-Survey of Sociological Theory fall term Margaret Dechman

SOCO2302 Sociology of Deviance – Lloyd White