“In my view, the most relevant cross-discipline skills and knowledge are physical literacy, management, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and oral presentation. As an employer, I would be delighted to hire leaders with strong performance in these areas.”

– Andre Gallant, YMCA of Cape Breton

BACS graduates who took the former suite of sport and human kinetics courses currently work in career fields such as community development and support, teaching, social work and policing, coaching, sport management, fitness centre owner/operator, and orthopaedics.

Graduates in the SPAL major or honours program may be well situated for jobs in the following career areas:

  • physical activity coordinator
  • health support worker
  • fitness leader
  • health promotion specialist
  • coach
  • recreational therapist
  • sport media specialist
  • social policy research (sport specific or other)
  • outdoor industry professional
  • sport event manager

After further training and/or studies, additional opportunities could arise in positions such as:

  • fitness consultant
  • outdoor industry guide
  • kinesiologist
  • mental training consultant
  • aquatic therapy specialist
  • physical education teacher
  • chiropractor
  • dietician
  • strength and conditioning coach
  • physiotherapist/athletic therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • manager in public health care administration

Graduates may also pursue careers in related areas requiring additional studies, such as:

  • physician
  • firefighter
  • early childhood educator
  • nurse
  • police officer
  • urban and land use planners
  • emergency medical technician
  • careers in higher education (i.e., professor)
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