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“The layout of this course was great!!!  It was very well organized with easy to understand tests and assignments.   The deadlines were perfect… they gave me enough time to read and understand the chapters while completing the assignments to fully understand the vocabulary and write the quizzes.  I have learned a lot about communication that I had never known before and I’m really excited to be able to say so.  This course was great… I’d recommend it to anyone!”
Anonymous (COMM1103)

“The layout/organization of the course was really good. It was clear to read and understand, made things a lot easier!  For me there was just enough choice of activities for each assignment.  I learned a lot about myself and how to deal with things in a different way.  {Our Professor} Dawn was always available when anyone needed her.  The deadlines were great… just enough time to complete each assignment, and it was great how all the assignments were available for everyone to complete before due dates.  I loved this course, it really helped me with my everyday work and helped me get my degree.”
– Anonymous (COMM1103)

“All in all, I have patted my back for the accomplishments I’ve made in this course and how everything turned out with our group project.  And we did this all online?! AMAZING!  I never would have thought it possible that I would be able to feel so accomplished after completing an online course.  I have never been so proud of a project in my entire schooling career, my online group was wonderful and {Professor Sue MacKenzie} was so incredibly easy to talk to and responsive to all my questions. This whole experience was great. I am hoping that this is only the beginning to more projects that support my community. Feeling very inspired right now – thanks a million!”
– Kristie Marie (COMS 3100)

“The course was very good for learning about my future career goals. The {Professor Piovesan} gave great feedback and made me work hard for my grades, made my learning experience a great one and also improved my writing skills”.
– Anonymous (COMS2103)

“I think what struck me most was that group work online is not only possible but can be very successful. When I first started this course I was concerned about how it would work. I’m not the fastest person when learning to use new technology. I knew it was possible, obviously, but it can be intimating, as many first experiences can be. I’m glad I stuck with it – it was frustrating at times for sure, but it was so great to have such support from my advisor and my group mates. This experience underlined how much is really possible if you make the effort to communicate effectively and when you are supported but also challenged by those around you…”
– Lee Ann Pieroway (COMS2103)

“I really enjoyed this course, I felt that {our Professor} Eileen gave us as much help as we needed and was willing to assist with any questions or concerns we had. She was really supportive in her feedback on the assignments. She made sure that we knew if something was well done and also if something could be improved for next time”.
– Anonymous (COMS2105)

“I’ve learned so much from this online course, my computer skills have definitely improved, I’ve gotten more comfortable and confident using different learning platforms, and I also believe my writing skills have improved.   I had numerous meetings with my community partners for our project and all of these meetings built up my confidence to be able to talk with people in my own community and even solicit donations – something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before this course…. I also learned that to be successful in online courses you need to have patience with yourself and with others, be open minded, ask for help when you need it and commit to working with a group of people with different personalities.  If you all have the same goals and take time to ensure you are communicating well, you can and will be successful… ”
– Audrey Sears (COMS3100)

” I think that some students worry that taking courses online will not provide the same level of communication and involvement as a lecture-style course. My experience with online education at CBU was actually quite the opposite. My initial worries about not connecting with my instructor on a personal level were quickly dispelled, since my first assignment was a short write up about my interests and goals, requiring me to reflect on any previous experiences relevant to the field of political science (the topic I was studying)…. My favourite assignment gave me the chance to identify, photograph, and describe various examples of “politics in action” within my community. In conclusion, my online learning experience was extremely immersive, by including both practical learning from my community and engaging discussions with my instructor and classmates.”
– Emily Rosta (POLS 1103)

“This is my first year taking courses online at CBU. As a mature student and someone who works during the day, I really enjoy the flexibility that is granted to me by online learning. I complete the course readings & course assignments on my own time and at my own pace. My professor is never more than email away if I need any help and he also provides us with constructive & meaningful feedback on all of our assignments and during our online discussions. I have really enjoyed my online Political Science courses this year and I would say that I have learned a lot. Online learning at CBU has exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.”
– Stephen Hasiuk (POLS1103)

“Making the decision to go back to university after a two-decade hiatus while continuing to work full-time was intimidating to say the least.  I was concerned that I would not be able to manage course-load and work-load.  I set out to test the waters… signing up for a political science course delivered by Professor Darryl Eisan.  Darryl’s approach to educating was extremely effective.  He encouraged a very interactive online environment…  assignment deliverables were interesting, thought-provoking and, in some cases, fun!  Darryl was always quick to answer emails and phone calls on course material which is an extremely important aspect of the online learning process.  Anyone considering taking online courses via CBU, should not hesitate.   What was supposed to be a one course spring/summer session, turned into four.  That is a testament to both the instructor and CBU’s Online Learning Program.”
– Wendy Somerton-Stone (POLS2102)

“As an off-campus student, online courses are of great value to me. They allow students without easy access to the campus the opportunity to take more courses of their choice. Furthermore, as in-class courses sometimes overlap with other desired courses, students are often unable to take all the courses they want. However, with online courses students are able to access a broader selection. Lastly, online courses allow the student a little more freedom to do what they want with their schedules. I would say that online courses are of immeasurable value to students!”
– Jenna Redden (POLS1101)

“I was very much impressed by the depth of knowledge, and organization of presented material. Even more so, the energy and obvious enthusiasm for {Professor Pettigrew’s} material was infectious… Questions were asked, questions were answered, in a very interactive, and accessible manner, with patience, respect, and always good humour.”
– Anonymous (ENGL1108)

“{Professor Todd Pettigrew} was the most knowledgeable professor in literature I have seen. As a newcomer or non-native speaking student, [he is] the exact teacher we should learn from.”
– Jane Wang (ENGL1108)

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