Future Student FAQ’s

Q. Can I be given academic credit for previous experience?
A. University credits may be granted for learning that has occurred through work experience or volunteering.

Q. When do classes start?
A. Students may register for online education courses that begin in September, January, and May. For registration dates see Registration in the Academic Calendar.

Q. Do online education courses have the same academic standing as on-campus courses?
A. Online education courses have the same rigor and academic credit as those taken on campus.

Q. Why do students take Online Education courses?
A. At CBU, we know that students are often balancing family, career and education. Online Education facilitates this delicate balancing act by providing the flexibility that many adult learners need to “Live and Learn”. For students who do not live close to the university, online education provides the opportunity to take classes without traveling or relocating. As well, full-time, on-campus students will take Online Education courses to overcome scheduling conflicts.

Q. Can I complete a full program of study through Online Education?
A. Yes, several programs are offered through Online Education.

Q. How are the courses delivered?
A. Online Education course material is available through an online learning system. The level of on-line interaction varies among courses. For more information visit Online Learning .

Q. What is the difference between registering and applying?
A. Students apply for admission to a specific CBU program. Students register for a particular course or courses for a specified term.

Q. How do I register for CBU Online Education courses?
A. First you must have applied and been accepted to CBU. Then register online (mail or fax also available if needed), at least two weeks before the scheduled start date for the online course(s). For more information on registration please see the Academic Calendar.

Note: Online registration is preferred although mail or fax registration is also available. Sponsored students however, must fax the registration form along with their sponsorship letter to (902) 563-1371.

Q. What are the section (or timetable) numbers for Online Education courses?
A. When completing your registration for Online Education courses, you will need to know the section or timetable number. The Online Education section numbers are:

  • Fall Term – Section 75
  • Winter Term – Section 76
  • Spring/Summer – Section 77 or 78.

Q. Can I take a Online Education course at CBU if I am a student at another university?
A. Yes, you can register for CBU courses as a Visiting Student and apply the credit toward a program at another institution as long as you obtain a letter of permission from your institution before you enroll in a CBU online education course. A copy of your letter of permission should be sent with your registration form.Visiting Students are required to complete an Application for Admission Form and pay the Application Fee.