Current Student FAQ’s

Q. How do I access my course material?
A. CBU uses an online learning system called Moodle. For more information or to log on, visit Online Learning.

Q. How do I make arrangements to write examinations for Online Education courses?
A. Not all Online Education courses require examinations, for those courses that have examinations, students can write on-campus or off-campus under the supervision of an approved proctor. Visit Exam Information to get detailed information on requesting and writing exams.

Q. Can I withdraw from a course once I register?
A. You must notify the CBU Student Service Centre in writing of your intention to withdraw from a course. This can be done by completing a Course Add\Drop form – in person, at the Student Service Centre, or online. Please see the Academic Calendar for information regarding withdrawal timing, fees and academic impact.

Q. Do I still get a Library Card or a CBU Student ID card?
A. Visit our Resources & References section to find out how to obtain your CBU Student ID Card, which also functions as your library card.  For more information, visit the CBU Library.

Q. When and where do I buy textbooks?
A. You can buy all of your necessary textbooks online at the CBU bookstore, along with supplies, CBU clothing, and more.

Q. Is tutoring available for online education students?
A. Tutoring services are offered free of charge by the Students’ Union to all registered full and part-time students in any program. Students can choose to be tutored up to 10 hours a week per subject. Students can become a paid tutor as well. Contact the Students’ Union for information.

Q. How do I get my grades?
A. You get your grades by going to, choosing Students from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner, then select Account.   Once you’ve logged in, choose the grade report option. Grades are posted at the end of every semester.